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lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

El ultraigero Acrobatico Dallair FR-01 ha realizado su primer vuelo

Aquí os dejamos el vídeo del Roll Out, y del primer vuelo. Y os recordamos que en España los ultraligeros no están autorizados a hacer acrobacia ni vuelo en formación.

¡Ah! También os dejamos la nota de prensa [pdf] en inglés

DALLAIR Aeronautica is pleased to inform you that on February, 20th 2011, on Scalea Airfield - ITALY, the FR-01 LSA/Ultralight/Experimental aerobatic aircraft made its first flight. After various engine tests, slow and high speed taxi tests, the pilot took the FR-01 in the air at 11.15am for a 15' flight to test some preliminar caracteristics of the airplane. The FR-01, designed by Fabio Russo (upper in the photo) and built by Pasquale d'Alessandro (lower point of the photo) in the factory that produces airframes for the major AG builders, will be sold from March with DALLAIR Reservation Program: the first 10 S/N + 10 kits will leave the factory at a special price. The FR-01 will be powered on customer's choice with three engine options: Rotax 912 UL (80hp), Rotax 912 ULS (98hp), and a special version of Rotax 912S modified by the italian EPAPOWER with 135hp, inverted oil and fuel system and full aerobatic capabilities. This is the time to fly aerobatics and save money, this is the time to extend the aerobatics in the world, this is the time to enjoy your FR-01!

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